So apparently November is National Blog Posting Month – participants take a pact to post every day.  Not sure why they did it in November with the Thanksgiving holiday- there are plenty of months with no major holidays.  Anyway, I will not be participating this year, although I like the idea in the general sense, because:

1) Are you freakin’ kidding me?  Every day? (I’m too lazy/busy).

2) I’m away for four days for Thanksgiving and the internet access is sketchy where I’m going.

3) I’ve already committed to exercise every day in the month of November and if I tried to do both I would probably not achieve either.  One kickstart goal at  a time, folks.

4) I have trouble even thinking up five items for a Friday Five sometime; if I posted every day I’d probably end up resorting to massive lists of links.

5) I still don’t understand why November.  February or March would be better (unless you get academic spring break)  Weather’s crappy and there’s no really long weekends.  I have the same question about the novel writing month that this also is.  Very envious and admiring of people who do it, but I am simply not in a position to make that level of commitment right now.