This cartoon reminded  me of times when I have  started mentally planning my escape routes.  Most of the time, it has occurred to me idly, when standing in line somewhere, but every now and then, I’ve had situations where I feel like my entire body is on hyperalert.

Most recently, I was in the bank last week talking with a customer service guy with some random question I had about my account.  This creepy looking, rumpled guy walks in, just inside the door.  He looks angry and he is looking all over the bank.  He shoots several angry looks at me and I mentally start figuring out how much protection I’ll get from the halfwall next to me if I dive to the floor if he whips out a gun.  I spent 15 frantic seconds, while the customer service guy is looking at my account on the computer, eyeballing all possible hiding/cover places near me.

Turns out the guy was looking for a friend who he’d dropped off oustide and was now looking for him so they could leave.  Totally innocuous, but man, the adrenalin took a while to die down.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who does this.  I think what set me off was the way he stood just inside the door looking around like he was casing the joint, rather than moving directly to one of the teller or customer service areas.  Struck me as suspicious somehow, I’m just glad my suspicions were unfounded.