Which is a good thing- thanks Tonks! – distracted by family visits I haven’t posted in a week.  And I’m home with BB today who has a fever-yet he is somehow a ball of energy. 

Here goes:

1. Name something you have in common with all your siblings:
I’m also an only child so, not-applicable!

2. What is the greatest amount of physical pain you have ever endured?
Hmm, close call between pre-epidural on my labor with BB and smashing my thumb in a ladder a few months ago (I’m sure labor was worse, but the thumb is still fresh on my mind).

3. What number of drinks constitutes your limit?
Wine/beer: a lot, especially if I’m eating.  Hard alchohol – 2?

4. Do you fold your underwear?
Into thirds, doesn’t everybody?

5. Have you fired a gun before?

6. What was your favorite childhood toy?
My red tricycle.

7. Name a sound that disturbs you?

People cracking their knuckles – ouch!
8. Name something random that you would never do.

Skydive – just, no. 
9. Name a person whose diary you would love to read.
Queen Elizabeth I.

10. Have you ever had the same dream more than once?
Yes.  Always the weird ones that make no sense.

11. Name a song that makes you happy.
I’ll Melt With You by Modern English.

13. If you were in an emergency situation and you had to deliver a baby, could you do it?

14. What do you like about being in a committed relationship?
Trust and shared history

15. What do you dislike about being in a committed relationship?
I miss first kisses.

16. Name something you have to do tomorrow:
Go to work.

17. Name a movie you are looking forward to watching:
I’m so out of it.  Um, does it have to be one that has actually been made?

18. Name something you’ve heard about women that tends to be true:

We love.

19. Do you own an iPod?
Yes.  It’s a shuffle with 10 songs on it.  We are lame.

21. Do any of your friends have children?

22. What CD is currently in your CD player?
Depends.  car: Elefunk by Black Eyed Peas; house: jazz & kid’s music; van: kink’s greatest hits

23. Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?
Chocolate, of course.  Preferably with Ovaltine.

29. What movie do you know every line to?
Shrek, Shrek II, Toy Story, Toy Story II (see the theme?  This is not by choice!)

30. Where was your last vacation?
Cape Cod.  Fabulous. 

32. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
Nope.  Ears are pierced.  Could never decide on a tattoo that I’d want to look at forever.

35. When was the last time you slept on the floor?
  Camping while driving cross-country while in college?

39. Do you watch the news?
Nope, it makes my skin crawl.  Internet and paper and radio.

40. Do you feel alone?
What tonks said – I crave time alone

I tag – Charley Carp & Mscheevious – but only if you want to.