One of the absolute best things about being a parent is the sheer joy and excitement that kids exude and pull you into.

We had our first snow of the season tonight.  It started at bedtime, but so what.  Big, fat fluffy flakes were filling the night sky.  We put on our jackets, gloves, boots, and hats, and went dancing into the quiet street.  The two neighbor boys, J and D, came out with sleds and started going down the steep hill of our street, but the snow was too wet.  They soon started skidding on their hockey shin guards down their steep driveway.  BB and LB tried sledding down our front yard, but the snow was better for snow balls than sledding. LB, not liking snow ball fights, retreated to the kitchen with me for graham crackers while BB and mr. jolt pummeled each other under the stars.