One frustating thing about civil litigation occurs when you  know that a particular claim is not likely to do well, you advise one’s client of said fact, and having client state that they refuse to settle because the $ is too low/too high when you know they will regret it if the case proceeds to trial. 

I’ve been working on a monstrous civil case in which this occurred and after reviewing boxes upon boxes of documents and awaiting yet further boxes and boxes of documents and mentally steeling myself for a multi-week trial involving highly technical and detailed testimony. 

Then  a few weeks ago, a whisper of a new possibility of settlement arose, prompted by new personnel in decision-making positions.  Today, it has been confirmed that a number has been agreed upon between the parties.  

I feel like I’ve just been given future weeks and months of my life back.  This was one of those cases that really was just about the money and I find those the most exasperating to try.  So, woohoo, here’s to reason and compromise and settlement!!