December 2007

So it’s bad enough working late and not spending time with my kids (you may have notice my posting has been particularly sparse as of late).  What’s worse is when a half hour into a several hour stint they announce testing of the fire alarm system and to ignore all tones, alarms and announcements.

Fortunately a guy came by after the alarms started & I got confirmation that it was a test, but I am now fifteen minutes into the pre-recorded “please leave the building announcement” accompanied by strobe flashing lights.  I am rapidly acquiring a migraine, and I need to get this work done. 

Aaarrrrggghh!  If the CIA, et al, want to continue to be evil and engage in acts constituting torture, they should seriously consider strobe lights and fire alarms.   Similarly, if you hear reports of a woman being discovered in her office the next morning as having been turned into a pile of quivering goo, you will know it was me.  whimper, whimper.


On Saturday, we had a day of mixed emotions: joy and irritation.  The joy: taking the boys out to a local tree farm for the annual selection and cutting of the tree.  The irritation: finding that several light strands had gone kaput.  We test the ones that remained, and they all worked fine, so mr. jolt went out for replacements.  Meanwhile, the boys beg to decorate the tree while I plead for patience because the lights must go on first.  I distract them by putting out the non-tree decorations.

mr. jolt returns, we resume putting lights on the tree when the remaining older tree lights also go kaput.  So we all head out together for groceries and yet more Christmas lights.  We have now replaced every strand of lights we had.

Much later, BB and LB disdain to hang the cute non-breakable ornaments of animals & trains and insist on carrying two or three highly breakable ones at a time & attempting to juggle them while hanging each on the tree.  I count to ten multiple times & rescue certain precious one-of-a-kind ones and we get them all on the tree with no major breakages.

The tree is beautiful and I sit on the couch to enjoy it and recover from the tension between letting my boys enjoy hanging pretty ornaments and worry that they will smash something precious.  mr. jolt calls from upstairs, “honey, don’t be mad.”

I look up, too tired to even wonder what the problem could be.

“BB just dropped your watch in the toilet.” Pause. “While I was peeing.”

When I started this job, I had a view of a window.  Not a window, but a view of a window about 15 feet away from my office door from which I could see the river valley.  Then they moved me in order to accommodate certain whims and certain necessities (a person in our office needed an office, who didn’t have one, and the head of the office, rather than put her in the empty one next to me, moved me & put her in my office so she would be closer to him for his convenience). 

So, I ended up with a view of a window that looked out onto a stone wall.  But, if I slid my chair away from my desk and leeeaaaaannnned I could still look out the window that overlooked the river valley.

This morning I found out I am being moved again.  There is logic for why they want to move me. But.  I will no longer even have a view of a window.  I will instead look interiorly overlooking a row of administrative assistant desks and will probably have to keep my door closed all the time because of the increased noise.  I will have no idea if it is sunny or rainy or whatever.

I do realize that millions upon millions of people work everyday in cubeland with no view, and at least I have a quasi-office (it has a door, but the whole front of the office is glass).  But, I am severely grumpy.   I took my view of a stone wall for granted and I will miss it dearly.

*Okay, so it’s not Tuesday.  Work is really frantic right now, leaving less personal time in the evenings, so I’m running behind.  Anyway, on with the Cheese Post:

mr. jolt & I took some time while in the city last weekend to nibble some new cheese (other reviews will appear in the coming weeks).  One of these was Bleu d’Auvergne, a French cow’s milk blue cheese that is simply delicious.

It’s creamy in texture and much milder than Valdeon or Cabrales, so if you don’t like super pungent blues such as those, d’Auvergne may be more your speed.  It spreads easily (like butter!) onto a slice of French baguette.  I definitely give a big thumbs up.  If only I’d had a cooler with me, I would have packed some to bring home.

It is made in the Auvergne region of south-central France -see the wiki on it if you want more background.  I can attest that it works well with a glass of Reisling, as the wiki suggests.