When I started this job, I had a view of a window.  Not a window, but a view of a window about 15 feet away from my office door from which I could see the river valley.  Then they moved me in order to accommodate certain whims and certain necessities (a person in our office needed an office, who didn’t have one, and the head of the office, rather than put her in the empty one next to me, moved me & put her in my office so she would be closer to him for his convenience). 

So, I ended up with a view of a window that looked out onto a stone wall.  But, if I slid my chair away from my desk and leeeaaaaannnned I could still look out the window that overlooked the river valley.

This morning I found out I am being moved again.  There is logic for why they want to move me. But.  I will no longer even have a view of a window.  I will instead look interiorly overlooking a row of administrative assistant desks and will probably have to keep my door closed all the time because of the increased noise.  I will have no idea if it is sunny or rainy or whatever.

I do realize that millions upon millions of people work everyday in cubeland with no view, and at least I have a quasi-office (it has a door, but the whole front of the office is glass).  But, I am severely grumpy.   I took my view of a stone wall for granted and I will miss it dearly.