So it’s bad enough working late and not spending time with my kids (you may have notice my posting has been particularly sparse as of late).  What’s worse is when a half hour into a several hour stint they announce testing of the fire alarm system and to ignore all tones, alarms and announcements.

Fortunately a guy came by after the alarms started & I got confirmation that it was a test, but I am now fifteen minutes into the pre-recorded “please leave the building announcement” accompanied by strobe flashing lights.  I am rapidly acquiring a migraine, and I need to get this work done. 

Aaarrrrggghh!  If the CIA, et al, want to continue to be evil and engage in acts constituting torture, they should seriously consider strobe lights and fire alarms.   Similarly, if you hear reports of a woman being discovered in her office the next morning as having been turned into a pile of quivering goo, you will know it was me.  whimper, whimper.