I hope everyone had a nice time celebrating the throwing out of the old calendar & hanging up the new as well all the other holiday events.  Sorry for the light non-existent posting.  Fortunately, it was due not to any crises, but to one of the pleasantest holiday periods I can remember.  The boys are at that perfect age where Christmas is still magical.  The relatives mostly behaved themselves, and we found time to spend with dear friends eating, drinking, and laughing.

I suppose I could do a post on my New Year’s resolutions, but I haven’t decided on them yet.  Also,  I really like the idea of starting resolutions on Groundhog’s Day, as suggested by zenhabits (okay, it’s actually a jump to here from zenhabits), both because the first part of January is crazy-busy for me and mr. j., and because most of my resolutions often are about trying to be more consistent about things (exercising, writing, eating healthy, being organized, blah blah blah) which can often have a groundhog day feel to them.

And groundhog day fits well with the blog b/c sometime in February will be Gangly Thoughts’ first anniversary-woohoo.  I haven’t been able to do as much as I would like with this blog, partly because my writing schedule got hijacked due to mr. jolt’s crazy teaching/getting taught schedule.  Somehow, doing both out of town in two schools near each other did not create quite the synergy he was hoping for, and the main impact has been absence.  But, it starts up next week and then there are only 15 weeks to go! haha.  But once this semester is over we shall drop back to the far more sane, teach here-be taught there-schedule and I will have less one-parent evenings,which are seriously detrimental to writing b/c on those nights I have no  energy to do anything other than read or watch tv by the time the boys are in bed.

So, anywho, this is a bit of a ramble, but a teeny bit of promise, hope, and resolution mixed together, that I can post more frequently than I have managed the last few months.