mr. jolt and I were at a wedding in the big city over the weekend.  It was great to see a bunch of people we hadn’t seen in a few years.  The wedding was simple, the short version of a catholic wedding (because the groom wasn’t catholic) and featured this phenomenal cantor who sang some songs as well as some call and response bits.  The first time he sang, I couldn’t see where he was and I was looking around, thinking, holy cow, an angelic voice, am I converting? 

Seriously, the boy had pipes.  Several of us guests were speculating afterwards that the guy might be an understudy for the Lion King or something — there’s no way he can pay his rent as a cantor and he’s certainly got the voice for it.

One of my pet projects, that gets continually postponed (bad me) is taking voice lessons.  When I was in the city, there was a group that did cabaret lessons, with a mini -show at the end at a local cabaret venue, but I kept post-poning until I was on my second maternity leave & that spring they were all booked up and then we moved.  I keep thinking I’ll go back for their short course once I’ve accrued enough vacation.   Meantime, I got the name of a local voice teacher from another mom at the boys’ school that happened to mention she was taking lessons, but I haven’t called.

Anywho, my plan is to maybe start this summer since mr. jolt’s schedule this spring makes another commitment impossible (and the commitments I already have difficult).  Someone remind me of this come June, okay, so that I don’t let more time go by.

My only recent singing ‘gig’ was pre-recording a parodied theme song for a presentation the local law group I’m in performed last week.  We pre-recorded it because no one wanted the pressure of a live performance, and it worked out really well.  Seriously, people who are not related to me and know me only in a quasi-professional capacity thought the group sang beautifully. So I have not lost my blending voice.  If only I had the courage to do solos – but I’m assuming the voice lessons will get me there.