mr. jolt kindly got me a ‘subscription’ to a cheese of the month club for Christmas, so I hope to step up the cheese posts over the next few months.  I believe I promised more cheese posts after my last visit to Artisinal, but the truth is, I was uninspired by the other cheeses I had.  We did not choose well overall.  mr. jolt blames the Artisinal cheese menu which lists the cheeses only by source: cow/sheep/goat, and country.  We need more detail!  Harrumph.  so we left a lengthy comment on their ‘comment’ card (Hey, if you didn’t want our opinion, you shouldn’t have asked).

Anyway, the first cheese just arrived so I will be reporting soon, assuming there is something worth reporting.  No point in telling you something is adequate.  It should either be yummy (as in, listen you fool, go buy this now) or hideous (as in, demand your money back).  So, we’ll see. the first batch does not have dramatically unknown names to me, so I am dubious.  Stay tuned.