While I was spending a lot more time at home lately due to the holiday last Monday, a parent-teacher conference day on Tuesday (no school), and my own and my younger son’s illnesses, I have learned many new and, uh, interesting things:

1) To prevent monsters or other bad guys from coming into your room at night, if monster spray is not effective or fails to give you adequate piece of mind, a stern warning stating “GOOD GISE OWNLY”  taped to the top of the stairs will prevent all evildoers from reaching the bedrooms.

2) If, after taking a sip of decaf latte, you erroneously grab a cup of light lemonade and sip that, the flavor combination will convince your tastebuds that you have, in fact, taken a bite of raw hot dog.  Really. 

3) Any story ending with references to underpants is a guaranteed winner with the under 7 crowd.