When he was two, BB had a bad fall at the playground – we were still in the city and instead of mulch they have those funky semi-squishy “pads” underneath the equipment.  They aren’t all that cushiony if you ask me, but they’re better than pavement.  Anyhow, he knocked out a bottom tooth & chipped a top tooth and had to go to the ER to make sure he didn’t have a concussion.

Partly as a result of the chip, the top tooth started to go bad, as well as the one next to it.  So when he was 2.5, he had to undergo general anesthesia to, in essence, put crowns on his front two teeth.*  Because they were baby teeth, they didn’t bother to make them super pretty.  So they were metal backed with a thin white veneer on the front, but you could see the metal fairly easily unless you were smack in front of him.  Needless to say,  I think the metal detracts from what is otherwise one of the best smiles on the planet.

Last night, however, BB and I discovered that one of these ‘fake’ teeth is loose.  Hurrah!  BB is thrilled because he is one of the last kids in his class to lose a first tooth (and he was quick to inform me of the amounts that his classmates received from the tooth fairy).  I’m thrilled because I can’t wait for him to have nicer teeth (let’s just hope BB keeps these for a very, very long time – if only mr. jolt will stop suggesting hockey).

*The general anesthesia is what the pediatric dentist recommended because he was way too little for novacain, etc.  The outpatient place where they did it was great and had us in for a tour before the big day so BB wouldn’t be scared of his surroundings.