So mr. jolt swanned off today to teach his class where he’s a visiting professor; as usual he’ll stay over to teach and go to the classes he’s taking tomorrow before gallivanting off to warmer climes for a conference, leaving me with the children for 5 days.  Tonight, however, I had a professional/social meeting so I arranged the sitter.  I arrive at home at 10, thinking, hmm, maybe I can just go to bed!

Then I remembered, oh, I need to make a lunch for LB.

Then I remembered, oh, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Then I remembered, oh fffffffft, we never did cards.  So I do cards for LB’s class, hoping I can get BB to write his own classmates’ names in the morning (if not, it will take me 5 minutes).

Then I remembered, oh FFFFFFT, I never had mr. jolt sign us up to bring stuff for either class party.  Double ffffft!!  I can’t run out to the store because the kids are asleep and it’s just me.  Quick! Open the pantry- what can be there?

Let’s just hope that the kids like “butterscotch drop cookies” (found on the side of a box of cake mix, with a convenient bag of butterscotch chips perched above) with pink, purple, and red sugar on top.   I’ll let you know.

Update 1: I burned the first batch b/c I didn’t set the timer right.  This is what happens when you try to bake after a couple of beers.  Triple FFFFT!!

Update 2: Hmm, not bad.  Not as good as chocolate chip, but not bad.  Because I burned the first batch I only have enough cookies for one of the classes, so I ran downstairs to where I stash all the leftover party favors. Score!  I’ve got enough animal stencils for BB’s class and LB’s class gets the cookies.  Lesson: never throw out extra party favors – they will save your ass some cold night in February when you can’t run out to the store for cookies.