Once again, the selections that arrived for this month’s cheese of the month club were a mix: two cheeses that, while excellent, are not at all unusual.  And one I hadn’t had before: Cantal.

Cantal is a French cow’s milk cheese and is an older style, older than Roquefort and Livarot (according to the flyer that came with it).  I think it looks somewhat like Gruyere, and has a somewhat similar flavor, but the texture is softer.  The consistency is of a sharp cheddar, so it’s easier to slice.  Also, I think the flavor is nuttier than Gruyere, with a hint of butter.

Cantal comes in several types, one made from raw milk, Cantal Fremier, and the other from pastuerized milk, Cantal Laitier.  The sample I had was the latter.  It would be great in a gratin or soup, but as a French poet once said, “To elaborate on Cantal is an error of taste; it is all simplicity.”  Delicious!