I watched the Oscars last night as I do every year.  I’ve seen so few movies that there was  only one of all the movies nominated for anything that I had seen: Once, nominated for best song.  Because I hadn’t followed all the nomination hype I had’nt even known it was up for it.  Then I got giddy because itwas so remarkable.  So I sat with both toes and fingerse crossed hopinng they would win (and then I changed that to hoping that none of those dreadful songs from Everlasting won (ugh, all totally packaged those pieces) because I didn’t want to be wishing against the cute 11 ear old involved in the other song.)  Anyway, I was thrilled for them when they won.

If you haven’t seen Once,  go and rent it.  It’s is a lovely little film, very low budget, but all the yearning and confusion are so well done.  After I’d seen it I wanted to invite the characters over for coffee to find out what they were up to, but seeing the musicians/actors from the film singing one of the many songs from it was  and winning the Oscar was almost as good.

fyI: the backspace key on my home computer is broken so if some of t my typing over the next few weeks is abysmal, that is why.  Just can’t get the same flow when you have to go back, highlight & delete.