So I live in a place that is one of the sudden foci (focuses) of the never-ending Democratic primary.  I don’t watch a lot of tv, and what I do, I tivo.  Most of my radio is NPR.  As a result, my exposure to what I assumed would be a mass influx of political ads has been relatively small.

I commented on this to mr. jolt this morning and two seconds later an ad came on the radio as we were getting ready for the day, with the promising lead in, “I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message.”  I got all excited, waiting for some oratory or something interesting (wow! I matter at last! Someone other than a siding or wireless salesman wants my attention!).

I was disappointed (ok, pissed) when the ad went on to ask/tell listeners (I’m paraphrasing) “Are you independent or Republican?  You can still register as Democrat if you would like to vote in the upcoming primary. . . .”

I have to confess my fee-fees are hurt.  Months ago, I assumed that, once again, I would have no impact on the primary and that whatever my preferences wouldn’t matter to a hill a beans.  Then when it looked like I’d have a voice I got all excited – and now I’m deflated.  Ever had the experience of seeing someone wave across the room and you recognize them and wave back excitedly and then realize they aren’t waving or looking at you? And you sheepishly join the other wallflowers?  That’s what if felt like.

Sigh.  I’m sure different ads are playing in the urban areas where there are more registered Democrats and admittedly, around here Repubs and indies predominate, but please, I’m begging both campaigns, show those of us who are still gritting their teeth at the W stickers our neighbors put on their cars four years ago some love.  We’ve been outnumbered around here for a long time, but we’re still faithful.  Just a little love? Please?