I had a conference call this morning intended to deal with an incipient crisis – a category of vendors had bonds that were insufficient to protect the client in the event of vendor non-performance- how could we get the vendor to agree to provide better protection.  I hadn’t gotten a copy of the contract until the conference call.  Flipping through, I spotted the bond requirements.  The vendor was not meeting these requirements.  Thus, the only thing required is to enforce the damn contract provisions, not talk the vendor into some amendment to the contract that it has no interest in doing (raising bond requirements makes it more expensive for the vendor so it has no reason to want to amend the contract to do so).

The upside: the call was only 15 minutes long.  The downside: had they read the conference call the whole thing could have been resovled in an exchange of emails.  Sigh.

Sorry for the light posting – I’ve had relatives in town.