I started this blog a little over a year ago after deciding that the mystery novel I was writing was the worst piece of crap I had ever read (trust me, it was).  Blogging was a good way to try and get more comfortable of putting more of me into my writing, which I knew was holding me back in my attempts to write fiction.  I figured it would be a good way to keep the writing muscles moving until I could figure out what to do next. 

Then, mr. jolt decided to take a visiting professor position.  Part of the point of this, besides plumping up the resume, was to take advantage of synergies of location between his teaching locale and his learning locale (he is working on his PhD).  Unfortunately, due to the scheduling of the two places, these synergies have not fully materialized.

What has materialized is the fact that last semester he was gone two nights a week – one night over night, returning for dinner the next; another night getting home around ten.  This semester he gets home around 10 one night a week; stays over another night; and the third gets home, depending on traffic, between 7:30-8.  Which means, in effect that I am it 3 nights a week.  Which in and of itself is not dire, now that the boys are older it is easier to play zone-parenting with them.  But it does mean that I have lost my writing night, my one night a week where I got a nice big chunk of time to work on my novel, then my blog, or whatever. 

One four hour chunk of time may not seem like much, I still find time to squeeze in the occasional post.  But I know the quality has gone down.  I haven’t been able to maintain some of the series I optimistically created early on.

And now, although he is returning to his normal academic environs for teaching, mr. jolt has decided to get a light teaching schedule and take 3 classes for his degree.*  Plus: he should be able to finish coursework by the end of next school year. Cons: yet another semester where is he is unavailable 3 nights a week and thus another 9 months before I get a consistent writing night.  I’ll get a few over the summer, but while I hope to squeeze out some short stories, I’m not sure I’ll have time for much more.

You read about these authors, usually women, who worked full-time or raised multiple kids and spent their time writing every day  between 12-2am or 4-6 am.  I don’t know how they did it.  Is my inability to commit to that a sign of lack of commitment to writing?

*To be fair, he discussed it with me and I agreed to it (but that doesn’t revoke my right to complain anyway!).  In many ways it makes sense to do this push.  I worry, however, that he is pushing his goodwill with his school too far and that as soon as his coursework eases up, he’ll be tasked to take on a heavier teaching load or night classes, which will just continue the current cycle.