As you may have guessed by the dwindling posts, the tone of recent belly-gazing utterances, the random bursts of attempts to discuss topics that are non-self-absorbed, this has been a blog suffering from an existential crisis (assuming I know what that means).

I spent 13 hours in a car last weekend (to and from a 40th bday party) which gave me ample time for reflection: on my goals, my writing, and why the twain have not yet met.  I have often been inspired by NaNoWriMo where people feverishly write novels, of at least 50,000 words or 175 pages in the space of one month.  I’ve often thought them insane for picking November, which is not only a short month at 30 days, but has a major holiday stuck at the end which often entails family obligations.

Starting in the last week of April, I have about 12 weeks of summer in which I will be afforded a writing night – about four hours, after work – before mr. jolt’s crazy fall schedule prevents it once again.  My goal: to do at least the NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words in that 12 weeks.  Obviously, I’ll need more than the four hours a week to get there, but I’m hoping the time-pressure will push me to write, even on those nights where I can’t sit down to write until after 9:30. 

I plan to spend the next few weeks fleshing out some stuff in anticipation of the writing bonanza.  So, I will bid you adieu, with hopes of rejoining the world as a blogger in mid-August, full of tales of my writing conquests.    I will be popping in around y’all’s sites, so I won’t be totally absent.  I hope all y’all have a wonderful summer.

Cheers! j0lt