Sorry folks, I cam back from my hiatus at an awkward time – just before we went to the beach and then I was home briefly before swanning off to my hometown for my 20th highschool reunion.  Which was actually fairly fun, even though the dj sucked (he was from our class, I’m hoping we got a discount because the guy did not know 80s music and he did not know what people liked to dance to, despite requests!). 

But I got to say hello to a bunch of people, althought there were a good dozen or so people I would have liked to have seen there just to see what they were up to.  And most people seemed to have gotten over themselves (with a few exceptions which my friend R and I ignored).  That’s the nice thing about a fairly large class – about 600 – there were almost 300 people  (including SOs – only about half the people there had brought them) so you could avoid people that appeared to be reliving their h.s. years a little too intently.  There was a family bbq the next day, but I didn’t go b/c I hadn’t brought my family out (they were spending the week with mr. jolt and his mom doing some cabin-camping) R couldn’t go (having left on her vacation with her son the very next morning) and because having seen who I wanted to, and having reconnected with a few that I will hopefully stay in touch with via email, I had absolutely no desire for a second round of small talk and chatter.

Instead, I went wine tasting with my mom and her husband (I don’t say stepdad because I had one of those and it doesn’t count when they marry after you’ve already had kids – not that he’s not nice, but he’s not a ‘dad’).  Anyway, it was lovely because I hadn’t done any real wine tasting since before the kids were born, aside from a rushed hour or so (which is not nearly long enough) the last time we were out there a couple of years ago.  Then I couldn’t enjoy it b/c I was worrying about my mom with the kids (she’s not the overly maternal sort and she’s not long on patience). 

So anyway, it was a lovely sunday drive with stops at beautiful spots with lovely rooms.  We had a picnic on some winery grounds.  The bread was fantastic.  It’s one thing we have not been able to find here – a source of really good bread (although the new wegman’s has helped somewhat).