Conversation between BB (6) and LB (4) this evening:

LB: I love my friend Michael!

BB: [LB]!  You can’t marry Michael – not here — you’d have to move to Boston!


Which just goes to show that if you address an issue with your kids matter of factly (i.e., same sex marriage) they will treat it matter of factly.  I have no idea in what context LB was discussing his love of Michael (as a friend, as more, as whatever – he’s 4 – and really, it doesn’t matter) but I was half surprised BB even knew the difference between the state we’re in and Massachusetts vis-a-vis same-sex marriage until I had a vague recollection of a conversation BB and I had several months ago about how different people loved different people and how some states were mean and wouldn’t let certain people who loved each other marry each other.  So on second thought, I’m not surprised he remembered – it’s not a difficult concept unless you try to make it so.

Now, if only I could get more matter of fact about  god and politics.  I have a weird tendency to pause when asked questions about these areas by BB, although, to be fair, BB has a tendency to ask about them while we’re driving in rush hour traffic.  Do you know how hard it is to talk about god (and why some people believe and some people don’t) while you are trying to merge onto an interstate?!?