So the jolt family went to the renaissance fair today – a gathering about an hour or so away where you pay to enter a park that pretends to be in the times of the renaissance — all the shows, the food (the food names anyway) and various games and shops.

It was fun, mostly.  But a part of my brain could not shut off the fact that the real renaissance was probably not that great for women.  Or anyone that was poor.  Or otherwise “other”.

But the costumes were fun to see.  All the people working there were in costume, and many of the people visiting were in costume, too. (the jolts were sadly plebian, aside from plastic swords the boys won in some of the kids’ games early on).

One particularly appalling thing I saw, was this ‘lovely’ couple, with child, with t-shirts that I’m guessing they won’t (hoping they won’t) wear when the child in the stroller is old enough to read.  His t-shirt: two figures on it – one the basic universal woman like you see on restroom signs, with the text “your girlfriend” underneath.  The other figure the outline similar to the playboy form you see on some trucks mudflaps with the text “my girlfriend”. Nice.  And the lady who was with him wore a t-shirt that across the critical portion of her torso said “nice rack” with a picture of a medievel torture rack on it.

Ugh.  That and the fact that there was a “castle dungeon” where one, for the low low price of 2 bucks, could go see torture were the definite lowlights of the day.  I have no idea what was in the dungeon, if it was some sort of joke, or like the icky parts of a wax museum, but I was super weirded out by the concept that, even in jest, people would pay 2 bucks to see ‘torture’.  No wonder we are such a fucked up world — we take evil, pretend it only happened long ago and that its safe to laugh about, and turn it into a joke.