Back in 2004 there was a small yard sign war in our cul-de-sac.  The neighbors directly across (I’ll call them the Highs, b/c they live high on the hog) put up a Bush sign.  The neighbor across and to the left (I’ll call them the Olds (b/c they are, and crotchety to boot)) put up a Kerry sign.  The Highs  then moved their Bush sign so that it blocked any viewing of the Kerry sign in the Olds’ yard in the main direction of traffic.  Typical repub move, I thought at the time, attempt to supress what you don’t agree with.  Anyway, while we were no fans of Kerry, we detested Bush so through the Olds we got our own Kerry sign to stick in our yard just to balance out the message on our block.  

So this year, when we stuck our Obama sign in the yard, we were waiting for the Highs to respond with a McCain sign in their yard.  When a week went by with no response, mr. jolt asked mr. high where his McCain sign was. 

mr high: I’m not too excited by McCain.

mr jolt: Really?  Are you going to vote for Obama? (mr. jolt ready to be shocked and delighted)

mr. high: No, no. It’s just McCain doesn’t excite me and Palin doesn’t either.

mr. jolt: Oh, why’s that?

mr. high:  I actually really like Palin’s ideas, but I can’t stand her personnally.

mr. jolt had no response to this utterly baffling statement.  He likes her ideas?  Um, yeah.