About a month ago, I was complaining to a friend about how my dishwasher just died.  My friend mtm (not her real initials) is into all sorts of things, including astrology, and she explained my broken dishwasher as being the impact of mercury (I think she said mercury) being in retrograde and how it always messed up various technology & communications. 

Ten seconds after she relayed this explanation to me, my cell phone went off.  It was our sitter explaining that after arriving at the park, BB had opened her car door into the car next to them, which resulted in a nasty dent, that had (we later learned from its semi-reasonable owner) had been bought the week before.  New car, bad dent, my kid.  Agh!.   Sitter explained that she did not think her basic car insurance would cover it; seeing as how it was the act of my kid, I told her we’d work it out.

Hanging up, I paused in horror and while not a believer in astrology, nonetheless asked anxiously, “Wait, this won’t impact the election, will it?  When does Mercury leave retrograde?”  I was assured that the retrograde ended in late October. Phew!

Despite multiple appointments with the dishwasher repairman, it was almost two weeks before the dishwasher was fixed, although without the cost of the part that had been part of the wait – great!  In the meantime the first estimate for the car door repair came in at OVER 900 DOLLARS.  Needless to say, we were having conniptions, but mr. jolt, having been tipped by a colleague – and with further advice from the helpful dishwasher repairman, suggested to the car’s owner another place to get an estimate that would be more reasonable.

Less than two weeks later, we got another estimate, this time $500.  There’s nothing like seeing an estimate for over $900 to make a $500 estimate seem reasonable.  We drafted a release & sent it to the lady, she went off to get her car fixed.  In the meantime, our dishwasher broke AGAIN.  Apparently, it was not just a clog and really did need that part that they had waited to arrive and then thought they didn’t need the first time.  But of course, the part had been sent back to the warehouse so we had to wait another week for the part to come in.  

The first failed appointment for the second attempt to fix, which mr. jolt went home for b/c I have no vacation to spare if we want to travel at Christmas, failed.  The part hadn’t come in, but they didn’t find out in time to cancel.  This was the Monday before the election.  That same day the sitter’s car broke down while she was three hours away so she was not going to be available that afternoon.  She asked me on the phone, “Aren’t we supposed to be out of retrograde by now?” (I had shared mtm’s views with her).  I too was dismayed,  what if we were still in retrograde or whatever on election day!?!

The repair dude wanted to come Tuesday night.  I said, no friggin’ way am I dealing with this on election day!  So it was set up for Wednesday.  By  Wednesday, I was so happy about President Elect Obama that I didn’t even blink when the repair dude called early that afternoon to say that he was a single dad and his babysitter got sick so he would not be able to meet me at five.  I was magnanimous & said, “no worries!”  Thursday he came, the dishwasher is fixed; the car door dent has been settled, and clearly a BIG ‘OLE chunk of retrograde had been kicked to the curb because we have P.E.Obama.

However, California must be under a different star because, really WTF.  Of all states that should have been paying attention to astrology it was California and they should not have been passing retrograde constitutional stuff after mercury was no longer in its retrograde screwing everything up (What kind of fucked up system is it when you can change the constitution by majority vote?  No super-majority or 2/3 requirement?  No special procedures?)  Well, the ACLU is on the case & I hope they beat back this asinine retrograde fuckneckery.