LB’s word for cold:  “brrrry”  As in, “I don’t want to go out, it is too brrrry out.”

BB, remarking on mr. jolt’s bday, which was last week (mr. jolt was out of town so we had late cake on Sunday), “Daddy, when I’m ten, you’ll be 42.”  I added, “And when you’re twenty, daddy will be 52.”  BB’s eyes boggled at the thought of twenty.  I boggled at the thought of BB twenty; not to mention – 52!!  Deep breaths, moving on.

LB has this unfortunate anti-helpfulness streak he’s been exercising lately.  Such as, refusing to go down the basement to turn off the lights (when he just came up).  Today, after lunch, he retrieved a box of fudgsicles from the freezer.  BB took one & opened it.  LB took one, then handed the box to mr. jolt, asking him to put it back.  mr. jolt and I were still sitting at the table so he said no, you put the box back.  LB’s response, “The box is too heavy to put back!”  Um, yeah, it’s too heavy now that you’ve taken 2 fudgsicles out of it. 

In exchange for an offer of opening his fudgsicle wrapper, we talked him into putting the box back.  In the meantime, I typically spend five minutes arguing about BB going back down to shut off the basement light – every single time! –  by which time he could have been up and down at least ten times.  Sigh.  If anyone has any ideas about circumventing this semi-oppositional behavior, I’d love to hear it!