We love soccer; we just don’t love what it does to our schedules or attempts to have regular family meals.

But, it’s over now.  The awards ceremony was this afternoon, which is the official close to the season.  The first year BB had soccer, we didn’t go to the ceremony because I was like, whatever, BB was the kid staring at butterflies all game, he’s not getting an award.

But I’d forgotten about the egalitarian spirit of our recreational league (there is also a traveling league; at the moment, I don’t see either boy competing in that, not to mention it plays even more havoc with the schedule).  So when I found out that I had denied BB his opportunity to get a mini-trophy and some related league paraphenalia two years ago, I felt like a bad, bad mother.

Anyway, today was the first awards ceremony I’d been to (mr. jolt brought them last year, I had a conflict) and it was cute.  Each team marches on stage, kids who sold the most raffle tix or candy for the fundraisers got special recognition (and either $ or a 5lb candy bar-yeesh, cavities) then they read each kid’s name & handed them a mini trophy & this years’ item: a hoody and t-shirt with the league name.  It was hokey and cute (and somebody popped the lights off twice while we were there – the most dramatic event of the afternoon).

The best part, however, was looking at the expression on LB’s face (this is first year at soccer) after he got his trophy & shirt and was standing on the stage, looking out at the assembled crowd.  You could just see him thinking, “I got a trophy!” 

We spent the next half hour trying to keep him from accidentally breaking it while waiting for BB’s team to be called.  Fortunately, both trophies are in one piece (unlike BB’s from last year which broke about a month ago in a place that is impossible to crazy glue.

But now, for the quiet season.  Other than the holiday stuff, which will definitely keep us busy, weekends will be ours to create and enjoy.  Not that we don’t enjoy soccer, but soccer goes according to its own schedule, not ours.