Today I went, for the fifth year, to the pre-school/kindergarten fall show at our boys school. BB is not in it this year, having graduated from the pre-school/kindergarten ‘wing’ to first grade.   LB had a bravura performance as a fly in his class’s production of “I Don’t Know Why She Swallowed a Fly”. He was very proud that, as a fly, he got to lead the spider,bird, cat, dog, and cow in a circle. Very, very cute. And the neon green swim goggles worn as fly eyeballs was a very creative costume effect.

Also for the fifth year, I heard the two kindergarten classes sing and sign the same song. You would think that after five years of seeing this particular song performed, I’d get tired of it. But I don’t. The two classes worth of kids all dress up in outfits to represent different countries all over the world.  They each introduce themselves & name the country they represent and then they sign along and sing to the Raffi song “One Light, One Sun”.*     I tear up every time, five years in a row.   I cannot wait to see LB do it next year.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

* scroll down to get to the link to listen to it.