December 2008

Today mr. jolt and the boys dropped me off at work so I got to listen to the boys’ current favorite music.    They ask for these by track number on the cds; they know mr. jolt’s car music selection well.

BB: current fave song: The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel

LB: current fave song: Given Up* by Linkin Park



*We have the bleeped cd to avoid the f-bombs on the original.


Snow is one of the reasons to have kids.

It started snowing about 4:30 today, and if I didn’t have kids I would have simply looked out the window and thought “how pretty”, made myself a cup of tea, and sat in a cozy chair reading a book, periodically looking out the window and thinking “how pretty.”

Because I have kids, I never had an opportunity to sit down. But, a half hour into the snowfall the boys cried “SNOW!” and bustled themselves into coats, boots & mittens and ran outside. mr. jolt soon followed. I could not resist and bundled up and ran out.

Out in the dark, the snow fell like a million little diamonds, just wet enough to make perfect snowballs. Dodge-snow-ball ensued, followed by hot chocolate.