Following a mix of advice from a number of ‘get organized/simplify/etcetera’ sources, I am in the process of making my list of new desirable habits, as opposed to resolutions.   And, I will use January mainly as practice, with the real kick-off in February (it’s a short month so anything I want to do daily for a month is that much easier, right?).  They say if you do it for 14-20 days it will stick, so here’s hoping.

So, anywho, my ‘habits’ that I hope to practice include:

1) goal: writing more (both here & elsewhere). Habit: two short & one longer writing sessions per week; one lunch hour brainstorming

2) goal: being more thankful and appreciative.  Habit: Thankful Thursday series starting soon (note how that will force me to do at least one blog post a week, so I get two checkmarks in my habits list!)

3) goal: all the usual eat better/exercise more stuff .  Habit:   10 minutes a day of exercise minimum.  What’s ten minutes, right? I always have ten minutes.

4) goal: being tidier & being more organized.  Habit: making my bed everyday.   Now I’m guessing this may appall some people in the “you don’t already make your bed every day?” way, but may I point out that mr. jolt hasn’t been making that bed either.  But in a conversation with my friend R, about tidiness generally, she said that making one’s bed gives you the biggest bang for your buck – the rest of the room may look like a pit, but it always looks pretty decent if the bed is made.  Our room is actually usually semi-decent (ok, if you ignore mr. jolt’s overflowing bedside table and accompanying bedside stacks o’ stuff) so with the bed made it will be veddy nice.

5) Goal: various minor projects of things I want to work on with the boys.  Habit: being more ‘present’ in the 6-8 weeknight window.

What habits do you plan to adopt this year?