As part of my goal of being more appreciative of the gifts I have been given in life, I’m starting a new series here, Thankful Thursdays.  Each Thursday I plan to say thanks for three things, big or small, for which I’m grateful.

1) Today,  my big numero uno thank you is I’m especially thankful for LB, my cutie-pie, who turns FIVE today.  He is no longer a baby in any way, shape or form, but he will always be my baby.  I hope his hugs stay just as delicious as they are now.  I love you sweetie!

2) I’m thanking my friends the Cs who rescued me from a last minute sitter cancellation yesterday so that I could go to a committee meeting for my lawyer’s group last night (mr. jolt is in San Diego at an academic conference – why am I not there? hmm). Their boy and my boys had a great time.   I owe them big time.

3) I’m thankful for red wine.  Need I say more?  I think not.

What are you thankful for today?