Things I’m thankful for today:*


1) Good friends.  I know that sounds hokey, but this week mr. jolt was up in Boston, alone, to be with his mom, who lives there and is very, very, very ill. (These are the times when being an only child SUCKS).   I stayed home because the kids need the normality of school, etc. and we weren’t sure what the situation was.  But on Monday, mr. jolt sounded so lonely on the phone.  So I put out a call via email to some friends to call, text or email him and show him some love, and they did (along with thoughts & prayers for his mom).  Not only that, but our friend C, (who claims to have had a client visit in the area, but I suspect that’s a cover story) drove over from where he lives and had dinner with mr. jolt on Tuesday, giving him an opportunity for face to face conversation with someone other than a doctor.  When I spoke to mr. jolt on Tuesday night, he sounded better than he had in days. 


2) DVRs.  I always have a harder time falling asleep when mr. jolt is away, so I end up staying up way late, watching tv until my head is nodding to ensure that I drop off quickly once I turn out the lights.  The DVR has been a boon and I’ve been watching all sorts of junk the last few nights (as well as last week when mr. jolt was in CA for a conference).


3) Fingerless gloves: I got some last week to use while I type at work.  They rock.



*I try to make these lists a mixture of the serious and the frivolous.  I do not intend to equate the items in these lists.