Mr. jolt’s mom died yesterday.  Fortunately, it was peaceful and he and one of her sisters was with her.  We didn’t get the boys there, in part because it’s a seven hour drive each way.  If we had any other family to be with in the area, we might have all gone up, but 14 + hours in the car combined with a 5-10 minute ICU visit & camping out a hotel didn’t seem like a great idea.


So far the boys seem to be taking it okay, although it was really difficult for me to tell them. I had some good books on hand, one a recommendation of a friend; the others I found in the bookstore when looking for the other one.  In the event you are faced with a similarly sad situation, I recommend “I Miss You” – a very factual explanation of what death is, what people tend to do after a loved one dies, etc.  I particularly liked it because it doesn’t refer to heaven or God specifically, but rather has a more generic approach, i.e., that people have many beliefs about what happen, many of which involve the special part of that person joining with the special parts of other people who have died. (I’m not paraphrasing well, but it’s nice).   Anyway, the other two books are “The Waterbugs & Dragonflies”, which is a nice parable that explains why nobody knows what happens after death, and Freddie the Leaf, which talks about the circle of life. 


I will probably not be blogging until next week.