This past Saturday, I went with mr. jolt and the boys to a new cultural event.  Well, new to me anyway.  It was a <imagine thundering announcer voice> MONSTER TRUCK SHOW</end thundering announcer voice>. 


My main concern in attending was ensuring that we were seated far enough from the floor that we weren’t risking imminent death from flying auto parts.  The venue was small, so I’m sure there were stunts we didn’t see because there wasn’t space to perform them, but the flipping motorcycles and massive beater-car flattening action was still impressive.  And loud.  VERY loud.


About halfway through the evening, there was a local race.  Apparently, local monster truck aficionados had brought in their souped-up cars and trucks to compete in time trials over various obstacles in the ring.  The cars ranged from a couple of beat up VW bugs to old police-SUVs, and everything in between. 


It was fun to watch, until some asshole pulled into the ring in his ‘hawt’ pick-up truck, sporting two massive confederate flags on poles sticking out of the back of the truck bed.  It was as if this asshole decided to piss his racism all over what had been a fun family event.  I was dismayed, but not entirely surprised, to hear a few “cheers” in support of this jerk, while the rest of the audience went, to my ears, a little quieter.


The asshole pulled up to the starting line, revved his engine a few times and then at the signal went faaassssttt CRACK on the first obstacle, limped over the second obstacle, and stopped in the middle of the track. It sat there for a few minutes while race personnel went over to consult and an African-American guy about ten rows down from us got up and started cheering.  I joined him and started laughing fit to bust.  A few minutes later a tractor came out and pushed that sorry-ass truck from the floor.  So long, idiot.  I hope you cracked an axle.