1) As I said to someone at work today, if my legs ran as much as my nose does in springtime, I’d be a supermarathoner by now.  I work in a sick building – my nose runs ALL day long in there all year round. I go through tissues like crazy, but in the springtime it’s worse because it doesn’t stop once I leave the building the way it stops the rest of the year.

2) Speaking of my sick work building, we have a leak in the roof.  So they removed the dropped ceiling tile and put a bucket underneath the drip.  That was six weeks ago.  It’s smack in the middle of a major hallway, so we keep making bad jokes about “Don’t kick the bucket” and “Sooner or later, everyone kicks the bucket.”  Gallows humor — it should us help once summer hits and mosquitos start breeding in there and we all start dropping dead of west nile virus.

3) BB no longer calls us Mommy and Daddy.  We are officially Mom and Dad to him.  I asked him about it this evening and he said he was too old to use mommy and daddy. Sigh.  At least LB is still calling us Mommy and Daddy.  I would be sadder, but I have to say that BB hasn’t yet learned to whine Mo-om, the way he used to whine MoMEE, so there are upsides.