For those that read my St. Marcellin review from ages ago, and were intrigued, I have further news about this fabulous creamy cheese.  Not only is it almost drippy when perfectly ripe (when buying, remember to tap on the top to make sure it’s gooey inside), if you have access to a Wegmans, you MUST try the St. Marcellin spread on their rosemary sea salt sourdough bread. OMFG.  mr. jolt and I have been known to devour a whole loaf, piece by piece, spread with a whole crock of cheese in one sitting.  More than once.  Usually as our “appetizer” and then realizing we are totally stuffed and have no room for whatever we were planning to have for dinner.

We are talking GOOD.  I mean really good.  If you do not have access to a Wegmans (we only got ours about a year ago) see if your local frou-frou bread place has something similar & give it a shot.  The combination of the crusty outside (salt, mmm), the soft inside, spread with cheese that is literally dripping off the knife as you lift from the crock towards the slice of divinity, is just, just. . .

Ahem.  Anyway, you must, must try it.