A delayed one that is.  I abandoned, temporarily, this series in the confusion following my MIL’s passing, but now that I am hoping to blogging more regularly again, I wanted to give a shout out to my local lurker and good friend who did me a fabulous deed a couple of months ago.

At the end of February, I was preparing to go up to Boston to finish cleaning out my MIL’s apartment.  We’d decided that mr. jolt would stay with the boys, who needed the continuity of having one of us around.  Based on what was left, we decided to hire some moving guys to help lift a few heavy items and a bunch of boxes into our minivan, which I would then drive home.  Thus, I would drive seven hours each way, spend a day taking stuff to goodwill, and the rest of my time tidying the tiny apartment.

I bitched about this to my friend at lunch the day before I planned to go up.  That night she called and asked if I wanted some company.  I almost cried on the phone, I was so surprised, happy, and relieved.  So we went, together, and spent hours talking in the car, which was awesome because I tend to get very tired driving and want to go to sleep (bad when driving, no?). We got there late Saturday afternoon and puttered a bit in the apartment, then had a fabulous dinner at Legal Seafood before buying some chocolate and opening a wine bottle I’d brought and having girltalk into the wee hours.  On Sunday, we did two trips to a local shelter to drop off canned foods and various items and a trip to goodwill.  We cleaned the apartment.  It was not yet noon and the moving guys weren’t going to be there until 2 at the earliest, so we went to Newbury street and found this fabulous french-style bistro where we had a decadent lunch involving raclette (melted cheese, mmm) wine, mesclun salad, and french fries. 

The moving guys showed up, loaded up the van (I mean really loaded.  At one point, we thought we would have to strap some furniture to the roof, even though it had started to snow) and drove seven hours home, in the snow, getting back around 1 in the morning.

Thanks to her, what would have been an absolutely horrible weekend turned into a weekend with many happy memories.  Thank you!!!