I am appalled and still dumbstruck with embarrassment at my own son.

Earlier this evening, we had a very nice person over to meet the boys in anticipation of an occasional summertime babysitting gig.  She seemed very nice and very qualified.  After chatting for a few minutes, I took her downstairs to meet the boys, who were watching a show.  I introduce her and LB turns to look at her and then, to me, made a really really rude comment about her appearance, referring to her in the third person as if she wasn’t even there.   While she is standing, in our home, not two feet from him.

I felt her stiffen to the side of me as I gaped at my own child.  I was completely dumbfounded and did not handle it well, saying something  to the effect of ‘that’s rude and inappropriate and we do not comment on people’s appearances.”  I made some attempt to normalize the situation, but LB went into oppositional mode (he knew I was pissed) and BB, who I think was either horrified or picking up on the tension in the room also became uncommunicative, when he is normally a chatterbox.

Anyway, we went back upstairs and, to give the woman kudos she continued to talk politely with me as we discussed various aspects of the kids’ bedtime routines and possible times she could babysit.  She then left.  Less than a half hour later she sent me a text saying she would not feel comfortable sitting the kids.  I texted her back saying I understood and that I was really, really sorry.

I tried to talk to LB about it again later and he basically became intransigent on the subject.   I am pissed and disappointed and embarrassed.  LB has somehow completely missed the clue train on how other people ought to be respected and treated and that it is kindness that matters, not what someone looks like.  (and, to be frank, I think she looks great).  The fact that we also now have no leads for an occasional babysitter (our regular sitter moved two weeks ago) when we had the opportunity to have someone who seems very nice and very experienced with children is just the shit-cherry on the pile of crap that came out of my son’s mouth tonight.

What’s worse as I don’t even know how to get these horrible ideas out of my kid’s head.  He may be only 5, but that is no excuse for the level of rudeness and insensitivity he displayed this evening.