As we’ve done for the last several years, we went cabin camping with some old friends over the weekend.  Some of them couldn’t make it due to sick kids, but we still managed to have a good time.  We’re hoping all the kids will recover quickly.  My thanks are for:

1) Good friends who enjoy food – making & eating.  The cabin we stay in is the trail crew’s and has a semi-decent kitchen.  Steak with chimichurri sauce, cookies (batter made ahead of time), waffles, french toast, wine, beer, etc., etc.  Yeah, it’s not really camping, but it’s fun.

2) Our new canoe!  mr. jolt says to me a week ago Sunday, “I think I may buy a canoe tomorrow.”  And he did, with a little money from an annuity we inherited from his mom.  It’s a wide canoe with three seats – padded!  And under the middle seat is a dry box.  It also has cupholders, which I think is absurd for a canoe, but maybe not if you are parked for hours fishing, which mr. jolt could easily do.  mr. jolt actually caught a couple of fish while we were camping and we ate them for dinner: large-mouth bass and pickerel.  Yum!

3) Rain.  A new family (new to me anyway) joined us this year to fill in the gap when some others couldn’t make it.  I was out for a walk with the mom on what we intended to be a short jaunt, but then we decided to follow a trail I’d taken a few times, which I remembered as about 2 miles, but was probably closer to 3.5.  Anyway, we’re about halfway along and have almost finished climbing to the top of a ridge (this part of the trail is actually a section of the Appalachian trail) to see a view of about half dozen counties when I notice the clouds.  I said, “Gee, I hope it doesn’t rain.”  It did.  It thundered loudly (fortunately, we were soon under the canopy and not exposed as we were out on the ridge).  It rained harder and harder.  It got to the point where my shirt was so wet it felt wetter than water.  If I hadn’t had a baseball hat on I would’ve needed windshield wipers for my eyes.  But, it wasn’t annoying.  It was exhilirating.  If it had been a longer walk, perhaps I would have felt differently, but being absolutely drenched, walking down a path that has become a river down a moutainside is a phenomenal experience, particularly when you know that a beer and dry clothes are only a mile away.