For about the last, two weeks or so, I’ve had episodes of lightheadedness, ranging from mild to severe (about a week ago I literally wanted to lie down on the floor of my office my head was so woozy).  So I made an appointment with the doctor and unsurprisingly, they needed to run a bunch of tests before they can begin to figure out what the problem is* (not vertigo, I’ve had several friends with that & I don’t have spins, just woozy).  

So my doctor, who wasn’t going to be in for a few days immediately following the appointment earlier this week, told me to call in yesterday & get the results to see if anything was abnormal.  Most of the tests were normal (not pregnant – yippee!; no Lyme disease – yippee!).  The report came back that my blood sugar was abnormally low, but SO abnormally low they wanted me to do another blood draw because the number came up was not possible.  Technically, I should have been virtually COMATOSE at the level recorded and since I had, after all, driven to and from the appointment, they thought perhaps the test results were wrong.

So I had another blood draw this morning & I get to wait through the weekend for the results.  The phsyician’s assistant I spoke to when getting the results was, I have to say, rather blase’ about the whole thing.  Um, okay, you’re basically telling me its a miracle I’m upright, but we’ll retest & meanwhile go on with your bad self for a few days while we determine whether it was a lab problem with the last blood draw.

In the meantime, I figure it gives me carte blanche to lurch around all weekend with my arms out while moaning “I need chocolate.”  Gotta boost that blood sugar somehow.

* thank you decent health insurance.  I have become more & more aware of what a privilege this is over the last couple of years.