Can I just say that with all the brouhaha about the completely insane anti-health-insurance reform crowd that I am starting to panic that we really will have a replay of 1994 and that we will end up with nothing?  Or that whatever limps through in the fall will not do much?

Particularly now that I have joined the ranks of those with a ‘pre-existing condition’ i.e., hypoglycemia.  Which can be a precursor to other things that insurers don’t like.

Good health insurance – thank you Massachusetts! – gave my mother-in-law additional years of life.  Thanks to health insurance in Massachusetts that was affordable, my MIL got the best cancer care available (which in Boston is pretty damn good).  It couldn’t save her because the form of cancer she had was treatable, but not curable.   But that treatment afforded her at least two more summer cabin-camping trips with her grandsons (my kids) -the last cabin camping she did with a walker, a recently broken hip & a colostomy bag — talk about going the extra mile for the grandkids.   That treatment afforded her at least two more Thanksgivings.  That treatment allowed her to live long enough to sell her patent that she had worked on developing and trying to sell for over 15 years and meant that the money from the sale wasn’t completely eaten up by medical bills.  It meant that a woman who had minimal income after she got laid off in 2003 wasn’t stuck with the poor healthcare given to the uninsured.

All of which was due to the fact that she had good insurance, which was due to her having moved back to Massachusetts in 2004 before Massachusetts did its big health insurance reform.  Because otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to afford it and/or would have gotten dumped by her insurance company, as so many individually insured are.  Because after she got laid off in 2003, she couldn’t find a steady job.  Because she was only 58 when she died and not yet eligible for medicare.

Thank you Massachusetts.  If only the rest of the country could get its head out of its ass and follow some form of your example.

*Edited to fix stupid errors