Last week I had to chastise someone in another office of the organization in which I work for doing something stupid.  Because this person has had a habit of doing similar stupid things, after discussion with my supervisor, I delivered the chastisement by email, copying my supervisor and the supervisor of Mr. Stupid.

 Mr. Stupid responded later by hitting reply all with a, surprise, stupid attempt to make his stupidity look like inadvertent error.  Because I’d had a long day and got his pathetic fail of an excuse after dealing with the stupidity of others in his office, I shot back an email, also reply all, in which I pointed out that there was no way that the error could have been inadvertent.

 Today, Mr. Stupid called, presumably on the advice of his supervisor, to make nice and apologize.  He began his apology by half-blaming his support staff, and in response to my snarky, “Oh really?” backed off and said he “took full responsibility and it wouldn’t happen again.” I said, “Good, glad to hear it.”

 He then says, “Okay, kid?”

 I was so taken aback by this newest form of stupidity – kid? I’m a fucking adult you moron – that all I could say was, “Uh, okaaaaay.”

 Thus ended the call.

 ‘Legal’ tip of the day:  When apologizing to other people, try to avoid (a) blaming others for something that is clearly your responsibility; and (b) attempting to diminish the listener/apologee by using terms intended to indicate their inferiority, whether based on relative youth or other factors.

 Needless to say, Mr. Stupid is still on my shit list.   I have no idea how old he is, but I’m guessing he thinks I’m some young whippersnapper.