September 2009

If you are an entity, such as a municipal government, that requires a resolution to be passed by the city council or other governing body to provide authority to an individual to sign a contract on behalf of said municipality, it is not enough to simply attach a sample resolution to your contract.  You must actually fill in the blanks on the resolution form, have the resolution signed by the appropriate persons, and have such resolution certified by the municipal secretary or similar official.

Blank resolutions will NOT be accepted.  Thank you.


If you are a municipal entity and require a resolution to provide an individual to sign a contract on behalf of the municipality, the resolution you attach should either be a general signature resolution for a given individual or a resolution authorizing someone to sign that particular contract or category of contracts.  Simply attaching a list of “so moved” actions, none of which actually pertain to the contract to which it is attached, is not helpful.

Thank you.

Last Friday, mr. jolt got a frantic email from the ‘team mom’ for BB’s soccer team.  The subject?  The critical importance of everyone keeping their kids home from school today to avoid President Obama’s speech.  Attached to the bottom of the email was some link to Glenn Beck.

mr. jolt, being far more reasonable than I would have been under the circumstances, responded to her (not reply all, he is so much more tactful on this stuff than I) by pointing out that one shouldn’t rely on Glenn Beck and that the speech would be published on Monday (yesterday) and perhaps she should read it and decide whether or not her child should listen to it.

Her response?  “I don’t want my children listening to anything that man says.”

Hmm.  Yeah, I guess we won’t be inclined to get to know them better.  And frankly, keeping one’s kid home, missing a whole day of school, just to avoid a 15 minute speech (if that) is cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.  Assuming the school is even planning to show it in the first place.    If the situation were reversed and my kid had to listen to Bush, I’d counteract with speech of my own & a discussion with my kid.  But that’s not the way of the nutters.

mr. jolt travels occasionally to conferences and the like.  Aside from the logistical impact of getting the boys from one place to another and, of course, missing him, this is not usually a big deal.  A few years ago, however, he went to a conference in Berlin.  He was away for a week, and in that week we had a waterfall in the kitchen* and a spontaneously combusting mulch fire in the backyard right outside the living room.  Following these minor, but alarming events, I advised mr. jolt that he was never allowed to leave the country again (at least, not without us).

 Forward two years, and this week mr. jolt is in England at a conference, missing the boys first week of school (and LB’s first day of kindergarten).  So this morning, while  getting the boys breakfast before their first day of school,  I was startled, but not wholly surprised when the toaster caught on fire.**

 And today’s the first day he’s been gone.  It may be a loooonnngg week.


 * The outflow hose from the washer, located on the second floor, came loose spraying several inches worth of water all over the laundry room and thus through the kitchen below.

** I unplugged it, blew it out, and put the toaster outside on the patio.