I’m sure any remaining, lingering readers have thought I’ve completely abandoned this here place. I mean, jeez, how many hiatuses, absences, simple refusals to post something DAMMIT is a dear reader expected to put up with?

The above paragraph is probably the completely inappropriate tone to begin a post about the various sorrows that have beset the jolt family of late that have resulted in my inability to post for fear of creating a major depressive impact on my dear readers because I had temporarily lost TEH FUNNY, to the extent I ever demonstrated it on this blog to begin with. To which I say, I’m really not in the mood to cry right now, so I’m keeping it super light and sarcastic, so deal, ‘kay?

Thus, a short explanation (wherein this seemingly light post delves into major sad facts, please have wine and chocolate or holiday cookies nearby for cheer fixes as necessary):

1) mr. jolt’s dad died last Wednesday. It was not expected. He went into the hospital about a week before Thanksgiving, we had every expectation that he would recover but the problems turned out to be far more severe than they first appeared. In case you are counting, yes, that is the second parent that mr. jolt lost this year (his mom died in February) and thus also the second grandparent the boys lost this year.  

2) LB had a major meltdown during a doctor’s appointment, shortly before Thanksgiving, which while hideously embarrassing and scary, had the upside of giving the doctor a first hand look at some of what we have been dealing with. We are now on the path of a full behavioral evaluation with some specialists later this week, he had blood taken last week to test for five million different potential environmental triggers (allergies?), and he is scheduled for some other tests later this month.

Um so, yeah. All in all, a couple of truly hideous weeks. I promise to post something in the next day or so talking about the bright moments we have had and expect to have – fortunately there are some.