We had a lovely weekend.  Like most of the eastern part of the states, we had heavy snowfall all day Saturday.  Because we will be traveling out of the country for the holidays, we opened our family presents on Saturday morning while watching the snow fall.  Then, we spent the day playing with the new toys and such, throwing snowballs, and a highly satisfying (for me) clean out of the back basement.

Sunday was sunny so we spent it outdoors, shoveling the snow off the drive (the snowblower’s pull chain broke) and then took the boys to the hill behind mr. jolt’s office for sledding.  We had a marvelous time.  It’s probably been three years since we last had enough snow for sledding.   Towards the end of the afternoon, BB built a jump on the hill and we used the mini-video function on our camera to take short movies of the dramatic swoosh,whee, thump.  He wants to post it on you-tube.  If it goes up, I’ll share the link via email if you’re interested.

It was just a weekend, but it was a lovely holiday from the distress of the past few weeks.  I hope you all had or will have a lovely holiday, too.