**So, welcome to 2010, my friends.  It’s been a slow start for me – it always is because LB’s birthday is right after the new year and so all that NEW YEAR energy gets waylaid by birthday party planning.  So I tend to treat the MLK Jr. holiday as the real kickstart to getting my act together.   And they always have parent-teacher conferences the day after so we get the scoop on how the kids are doing so we know what goals to work on.  So it all fits in, even if all my personal and family goals are minute and mundane compared to what MLK, Jr. achieved.  It’s all teaspoons, though, right?

We had a lovely, lovely holiday in late December.  We gathered with my mom’s side of the family in the Caribbean – can we say divine, oh, yes, I think we can.   I don’t think I’ve ever done so little reading on a vacation and yet had a lovely time just playing with the boys.

The excuse for gathering there was to scatter my stepdad’s ashes on a nearby island- he died in 1989 and my mom was never sure where to scatter them, and decided that this was the place he had been happiest (we lived there in the late 70s, early 80s).   I’m not saying which island for fear my mom might google it or something and stumble across this place – I’m not ready to share this blog.

It wasn’t Haiti.  But to have gone to visit a place that I still love, love in the twisted way of a sibling or a parent that never understood me or I understand it, yet with a fierceness that brings a lump to the throat and tears to the eyes, I simply cannot imagine what the Haitians and those who know and love it must be feeling.  The island I love has had its own natural disasters since we lived there and it’s heartbreaking to see such devastation and how it has changed so many lives, even without the massive loss of life that Haiti has suffered.   I used to think about showing mr. jolt the island, where I went to school, where we lived.  So much of it has gone, obliterated by the forces of nature.    Anyway, my heart goes out to the Haitians and to the other islanders.   Give, if you can. 

Anyway, its late and I’m rambling.  More soon.

**Addendum: On re-reading this I realize I may have inadvertently trivialized the work of MLK, Jr. and/or the situation in Haiti.  It was not my intention to do either.  Lesson learned on blogging after 11pm and several glasses of wine.