BB has become a pretty good reader.  He’s primarily interested in non-fiction, particularly science stuff. That’s cool.  His teacher, who I really respect, says that some kids love stories and some kids love the non-fiction.  That said, I’ve been a little disappointed that he really hasn’t been interested in reading classic stories, even if mr. jolt or I am doing the reading.  I do most of my story reading with LB, and my bedtime reading with BB consists of factual recitations of the planets or some such.

So when BB showed interest in the old cartoon collections mr. jolt and I had, I was happy – stories in another form!  That said, it’s clear that Bloom County is over his head because he doesn’t have the 80s political info that gives a lot of that series its bite.  But, Calvin and Hobbes was pretty appealing to him and while I think Calvin has a bad attitude about school (understandably given that most of the lessons that happen in the background appear to be seriously uninteresting), BB loves school enough that it doesn’t worry me.  And I try to point out to both BB, and now LB, who has also picked up the C&H habit, that some of Calvin’s actions are, um, a tad insensitive.  Which may make me humorless mommy, but so be it.  You take your teaching moments as you find them.

So perhaps I shouldn’t have found it surprising that BB found a C&H strip about Calvin singing/manipulating his parents into stopping at a burger joint, for the umpteenth time, on a long road trip.  The song? 99 bottles of beer on the wall.  Only Calvin starts with 10,000 bottles of beer.  No surprise the strip ends with a stop at a burger joint.  BB was avid to hear me sing the tune so he could learn the melody.  I obliged.  And so, tonight at betime, BB and I sang it together, starting at 30 bottles of beer. 

I fear I have given him the weapons for my own future capitulation.