I sent my dad an email today objecting to a joke he’d sent me about President Obama.  I won’t repeat the joke because I’m sure its been around the interent 5 billion times already.  What does it say when people find funny the idea that even in their concept of heaven, that god would make non-christian/non-whites into personal servants? (The joke relies on the precept that Obama really is a secret muslim).  I’m so not getting it.

But then, I’m sure I’m over-reading.  I doubt my dad took the two minutes to analyze the “joke” and what it really says about him and his views of not just Obama but his own faith.  Which is a whole other problem in itself.  The last time I protested a forward he sent, based on a utterly sexist tagline/subject line for a perfectly adequate science article, he protested that he hadn’t written the subject line.  Um, okay, but you decided to send it “as is” to me and one of your female colleagues (I could see by her email address that they work for the same entity).  Acknowledge your own agency dad!