I am planning to do better by this blog this year. No, really. It’s my resolution, or part of one.  But, based on something I read on some blog a few years back (sorry no linkage-can’t remember who you are), I don’t really start my resolutions until February.
January is too hectic: putting away Christmas decorations, LB’s birthday, mr. jolt is always away at the beginning of January (often missing LB’s birthday, curse you AALS annual conference!) Tell me, how do all those, “I will only have one glass of wine each evening and I will get up early and do a half hour on the treadmill three mornings a week” resolutions supposed to work when one is doing the single parenting thing for a week. They don’t work, that’s what.
So, January is where I test things out so that come February I am ready, damn it, ready to roll.
No really.

Okay, sometimes by February I’ve decided my resolutions are crap, but I’m hoping not this year.
One: get back into writing (check, signed up for poetry course and just submitted poem about an hour ago, probably the first poem I’ve written in 10 years)
Two: get into shape, no really (check, um okay, no, not really, but movement is good)
Three: get organized: (check, um no, okay, well, my plan was to get as organized as possible in January so that in February I could concentrate on One and Two. Not going so well. I am surrounded by pack rats. I am being THWARTED.
Four: Do better with this blog. No, really. Since last year I wrote TWELVE posts (half of those in March) that shouldn’t be a hard post to pass.
Fingers crossed – wish me luck.


We had a lovely weekend.  Like most of the eastern part of the states, we had heavy snowfall all day Saturday.  Because we will be traveling out of the country for the holidays, we opened our family presents on Saturday morning while watching the snow fall.  Then, we spent the day playing with the new toys and such, throwing snowballs, and a highly satisfying (for me) clean out of the back basement.

Sunday was sunny so we spent it outdoors, shoveling the snow off the drive (the snowblower’s pull chain broke) and then took the boys to the hill behind mr. jolt’s office for sledding.  We had a marvelous time.  It’s probably been three years since we last had enough snow for sledding.   Towards the end of the afternoon, BB built a jump on the hill and we used the mini-video function on our camera to take short movies of the dramatic swoosh,whee, thump.  He wants to post it on you-tube.  If it goes up, I’ll share the link via email if you’re interested.

It was just a weekend, but it was a lovely holiday from the distress of the past few weeks.  I hope you all had or will have a lovely holiday, too.

Today is the first weeknight since mid-August that everyone will be home for dinner and no one has any practice, lessons, or classes to take or teach. That’s right it’s our first “normal” weeknight in 13 weeks. No wonder I haven’t been blogging much

Every now and then a series of events occur together in ways that make me think there is some astrological influence or weird mélange of influence creating funky patterns.  For me, I am having difficulty with sharp objects at the moment.  On Friday night, I cut one finger and gouged another while picking up some pieces of broken glass.  On Saturday morning, I sliced yet another finger while cutting grapes into bunches with  kitchen shears.  This morning, I sliced a knuckle with a paper cut.  That’s three – I should be done now, right?

I got confirmation today that as a member of my office building’s evacuation  team, I get to take “fire extinguisher training”.  We get to practice using those ginormous fire extinguishers that the real firefighters use, putting out real fires (okay, it’s a fire in a barrel, but still).  I’ve seen these lessons when walking by and they look really fun.

I’m totally psyched and my kids will be totally jealous.  I will update later this week with my insider’s report on how a vertically-challenged attorney handles the “almost as big as me” extinguisher that is normally controlled by majorly buff big dudes.  My goal: to avoid burning off my eyebrows.  Another bonus: I think I get to wear jeans to work. 

Given the state of the world these days I will take these small excitements where I find them.

1) As I said to someone at work today, if my legs ran as much as my nose does in springtime, I’d be a supermarathoner by now.  I work in a sick building – my nose runs ALL day long in there all year round. I go through tissues like crazy, but in the springtime it’s worse because it doesn’t stop once I leave the building the way it stops the rest of the year.

2) Speaking of my sick work building, we have a leak in the roof.  So they removed the dropped ceiling tile and put a bucket underneath the drip.  That was six weeks ago.  It’s smack in the middle of a major hallway, so we keep making bad jokes about “Don’t kick the bucket” and “Sooner or later, everyone kicks the bucket.”  Gallows humor — it should us help once summer hits and mosquitos start breeding in there and we all start dropping dead of west nile virus.

3) BB no longer calls us Mommy and Daddy.  We are officially Mom and Dad to him.  I asked him about it this evening and he said he was too old to use mommy and daddy. Sigh.  At least LB is still calling us Mommy and Daddy.  I would be sadder, but I have to say that BB hasn’t yet learned to whine Mo-om, the way he used to whine MoMEE, so there are upsides.

My office is COLD.  It is always cold.  We have complained numerous times to the HVAC folks, to no avail.  Other floors in our building are comfortable, but we regularly have people in our office keeping their outdoor jackets on.  I keep both a cardigan and a fleece (in black, of course, for optimum coordination with suits or business casual attire).  This week has been particularly bad.  I am typing this wearing a fleece jacket and a gray fleece hat.  Yes, that’s right folks; I’ve been wearing my fuzzy grey fleece hat in the office.  Does wonders for my professional look.  But it does keep my head warm & helps the rest of me feel a bit warmer.  Now if only I could keep my fingers from turning numb while I type.


Space heaters are not permitted because of fire risk.  And they are a little touchy about fire risk in my organization because about ten years ago they actually had a fire and had to demolish the whole building and start over because the old building had asbestos that got loose during the fire and contaminated the whole building.


So, here we are in a supposedly modern building (built in 2000 or so), where we can’t open windows in the summertime (when it is also freezing), wearing so many layers that we all look like blobs as we sit and peck out letters on our remaining working fingers.


I need some of those gloves that have no fingertips.  I saw some at Target last weekend and almost got them, but they were in orange camo and it didn’t seem professional to be wearing orange camo in the office.


The weather next week is supposed to be colder.  Sigh.  At least in the summertime I can go outside at lunch and warm up for a while.  I sit like an iguana in the sun getting overheated so that I’ll stay warm through the afternoon.  Can’t do that in January.

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