I broke out of the office at lunchtime to go to my fave coffee shop and as I was walking I felt as if I was walking through a giant bowl of rice crispies: snap crackle pop. It was all the ice on the trees and street signs melting and popping off. Beautiful. Hoping my Midwest friends dig out soon


I am planning to do better by this blog this year. No, really. It’s my resolution, or part of one.  But, based on something I read on some blog a few years back (sorry no linkage-can’t remember who you are), I don’t really start my resolutions until February.
January is too hectic: putting away Christmas decorations, LB’s birthday, mr. jolt is always away at the beginning of January (often missing LB’s birthday, curse you AALS annual conference!) Tell me, how do all those, “I will only have one glass of wine each evening and I will get up early and do a half hour on the treadmill three mornings a week” resolutions supposed to work when one is doing the single parenting thing for a week. They don’t work, that’s what.
So, January is where I test things out so that come February I am ready, damn it, ready to roll.
No really.

Okay, sometimes by February I’ve decided my resolutions are crap, but I’m hoping not this year.
One: get back into writing (check, signed up for poetry course and just submitted poem about an hour ago, probably the first poem I’ve written in 10 years)
Two: get into shape, no really (check, um okay, no, not really, but movement is good)
Three: get organized: (check, um no, okay, well, my plan was to get as organized as possible in January so that in February I could concentrate on One and Two. Not going so well. I am surrounded by pack rats. I am being THWARTED.
Four: Do better with this blog. No, really. Since last year I wrote TWELVE posts (half of those in March) that shouldn’t be a hard post to pass.
Fingers crossed – wish me luck.

As some of my regulars (not that there is anything here regularly to regularly read of late) already know, the jolt family is moving. Rather than to some distant locale, we decided to say ‘fuck it’ to the perennially anxiety-inducing game of “will we make a lateral move to some other state this year” we’d been playing for the last six years and simply move to a better school district near here.   While we anticipated a six month to year long search for something “different”, we fell in love with the second place we looked at.  Which meant we’ve spent the last six weeks frantically prepping our current house to sell & putting it on the market.   My current house has never been this clean.  It helps that four-five nights of baseball and tball each week mean that we are never home to get it dirty. 

Upon seeing the new place, LB told me that when he gets married that mr. jolt and I will have to move because he plans to live there FOREVER.  Which I take as a vote of confidence.   He also said that he wants to make the speeches at the “grand opening”.  

Here is a snippet from the property – if you want more pictures, send me an email & I’ll send them to you.

I’ll probably continue to be a bad negligent  blogger for a few more weeks and then I should be able to post deep thoughts that I have drafted while looking at this view of the creek that runs behind the new place.  Have a great weekend everyone!

mr. jolt received official notice yesterday that, effective July 1st, he is a TENURED faculty member.


I sent my dad an email today objecting to a joke he’d sent me about President Obama.  I won’t repeat the joke because I’m sure its been around the interent 5 billion times already.  What does it say when people find funny the idea that even in their concept of heaven, that god would make non-christian/non-whites into personal servants? (The joke relies on the precept that Obama really is a secret muslim).  I’m so not getting it.

But then, I’m sure I’m over-reading.  I doubt my dad took the two minutes to analyze the “joke” and what it really says about him and his views of not just Obama but his own faith.  Which is a whole other problem in itself.  The last time I protested a forward he sent, based on a utterly sexist tagline/subject line for a perfectly adequate science article, he protested that he hadn’t written the subject line.  Um, okay, but you decided to send it “as is” to me and one of your female colleagues (I could see by her email address that they work for the same entity).  Acknowledge your own agency dad!

Ok.  Not really, here, that is.   But I’m working on it. 


1) BB may have finally, finally, beaten a long-standing medical issue (minor, but with annoying and embarrassing side effects).  Keep your fingers crossed for us! And he placed third in his age group in his last climbing competition – huzzah!

2) LB’s agression/impulse issues are improving – huzzah!

3) The paperwork from dealing with mr. jolt’s mom’s estate may be nearing an end – huzzah!

**So, welcome to 2010, my friends.  It’s been a slow start for me – it always is because LB’s birthday is right after the new year and so all that NEW YEAR energy gets waylaid by birthday party planning.  So I tend to treat the MLK Jr. holiday as the real kickstart to getting my act together.   And they always have parent-teacher conferences the day after so we get the scoop on how the kids are doing so we know what goals to work on.  So it all fits in, even if all my personal and family goals are minute and mundane compared to what MLK, Jr. achieved.  It’s all teaspoons, though, right?

We had a lovely, lovely holiday in late December.  We gathered with my mom’s side of the family in the Caribbean – can we say divine, oh, yes, I think we can.   I don’t think I’ve ever done so little reading on a vacation and yet had a lovely time just playing with the boys.

The excuse for gathering there was to scatter my stepdad’s ashes on a nearby island- he died in 1989 and my mom was never sure where to scatter them, and decided that this was the place he had been happiest (we lived there in the late 70s, early 80s).   I’m not saying which island for fear my mom might google it or something and stumble across this place – I’m not ready to share this blog.

It wasn’t Haiti.  But to have gone to visit a place that I still love, love in the twisted way of a sibling or a parent that never understood me or I understand it, yet with a fierceness that brings a lump to the throat and tears to the eyes, I simply cannot imagine what the Haitians and those who know and love it must be feeling.  The island I love has had its own natural disasters since we lived there and it’s heartbreaking to see such devastation and how it has changed so many lives, even without the massive loss of life that Haiti has suffered.   I used to think about showing mr. jolt the island, where I went to school, where we lived.  So much of it has gone, obliterated by the forces of nature.    Anyway, my heart goes out to the Haitians and to the other islanders.   Give, if you can. 

Anyway, its late and I’m rambling.  More soon.

**Addendum: On re-reading this I realize I may have inadvertently trivialized the work of MLK, Jr. and/or the situation in Haiti.  It was not my intention to do either.  Lesson learned on blogging after 11pm and several glasses of wine.

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